Your thoughts.  Our Action.

I want to represent your interests as Alta Vista’s next City Councillor.
I believe the best way to improve the quality of life in a community is by listening to the people who live there – so let’s build a plan with all of our voices. Help strengthen our community by prioritizing issues that you believe we must address. 

Your responses will be used to create our Alta Vista Action Plan.  
As Alta Vista’s City Councillor, I will use our Alta Vista Action Plan to drive clear and achievable results for our community.
The Alta Vista Survey is a voluntary survey made up of 10 questions. You will be asked to provide your views on the following topics:
  • Quality of life in Alta Vista;
  • Satisfaction with municipal services;
  • Municipal taxes;
  • Identifying priorities that matter to you in Alta Vista- Ward 18.

No information that could result in the direct or residual disclosure of an individual will be released in whole or in part.

For your convenience, the survey is available in English and French.