Kennett Township Open Space Questionnaire

Kennett Township is in the process of preparing a Parks, Trails, & Open Space Plan, and we need your help! This survey will help guide the Township with the preparation of the Parks, Trails & Open Space Plan, and will help to guide the Township over the next 10 to 20 years.

Currently the Township has a goal of preserving 30% of the land for open space (which is in line with Chester County’s stated goals in its open space planning efforts). The Township wants to make sure that preserved Open Space is serving a public purpose, which includes: preserving our natural
resources; benefiting the environment; watershed and water quality; maintaining wildlife habitats; providing both passive and active recreation; and providing transportation alternatives.

Please respond to the Questions and provide any additional insights at the end of this Questionnaire by May 31st.

Survey results will be discussed at forthcoming public meetings where you can provide additional input
relative to open space and recreational needs in Kennett Township.

Please check the Kennett Township website for updated times/dates of upcoming meetings. If you have any questions, please call Lisa M. Moore, Township Manager, at 610-388-1300 or at

Background Terms:
Active Recreation - activities that are athletic, such as team
sports,running, biking, boating/canoeing, swimming, horseback riding, child’s play, etc.

Passive Recreation - activities that are usually quiet and not rigorously athletic, and have a low impact on the surrounding environment, such as walking, hiking, fishing, bird watching, picnicking, etc.
Open Space - any open parcel of land that is undeveloped (no
buildings or built structures) and is accessible to the public, such as land that is partly or completely in woodland or meadow, or is otherwise covered with grass, trees, shrubs, or other vegetation.

Heritage Tourism - traveling to experience Kennett Township
places and artifacts, represented by our historic, cultural, and natural resources (such as landmarks, historic buildings & sites, trail network, and/or hamlets-villages).

* 1. In Kennett Township, do you? (Check all that apply)

* 2. How many years have you lived and/or worked in Kennett Township?

* 3. How would you characterize the area in which you live?

* 4. How important is it to provide Recreational Facilities in Kennett Township for:

  Extremely Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Pre-school and younger
Kindergarten through Middle School
High School and College
Adults 21 to 65
Adults 65+
Current Residents
Potential Residents

* 5. How important is it to partner with other organizations or agencies for Parks and Recreational Facilities and Programs?

  Extremely Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Kennett Square Borough
Other Neighboring Municipalities
Kennett School District
Longwood Gardens
Chester County Parks
Local Nature Conservancies 

* 6. What open space attributes are most important to you? (Choose your Top 5)

* 7. In addition to the above, what one amenity, facility, or attribute would you like to see the Township do the most with our Open Space?

* 8. What recreational facilities/amenities are most important to you?     (Choose your Top 5)

* 9. Currently there are Trail Networks in the Township that are mainly used for hiking/recreational purposes. The Township has been working to connect the Trails, and create a Trail Network, with connections to trails and sidewalks in the Borough (allowing people to walk, jog, or bike safely to their destinations). What trail/path connections are most important to you?

  Extremely Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Connecting Trails between Neighborhoods
Connecting Trails to local business centers/Shopping/Dining
Connecting Trails to Local Parks
Connecting Trails to Schools

* 10. Kennett Township’s Open Space and Historical Resources are not widely
known, but have potential to draw visitors from throughout the region. How important is it for Kennett Township to design/promote our recreation and historical relative to:

  Extremely Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Campgrounds for Tent Camping
Special Events Venues
Cultural Resources (Longwood Gardens, Brandywine River Museum etc.)
Nature Center
Trail Networks

* 11. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions you may have regarding Parks, Trails, & Open Space facilities in Kennett Township.

* 12. Contact Info (Optional)