Kelly Lake Anonymous Stakeholder Survey

Dear Kelly Lake Stakeholder:

The Kelly Lake Advancement Association (KLAA) is in the process of completing a comprehensive management plan for Kelly Lake.  Among other components, this project involves water quality sampling, invasive and native aquatic plant surveys, watershed and shoreline assessments and an anonymous survey of lake stakeholders.  In December of 2015, the KLAA successfully applied for over $32,000 in state grants to fund 75% of the costs involved in completing these studies.

An important aspect in the development of an effective lake management plan is the input of the people that use and care for the lake.  This survey is being distributed to you and your neighbors in order to give Kelly Lake stakeholders the opportunity to express their views and concerns.  The results of the survey will be incorporated into the Kelly Lake Management Plan.

The questionnaire is designed to be easy to understand and complete.  All answers and comments remain anonymous.  This is your opportunity to be heard regarding the current and historic conditions of your lake and its future management.  Please answer all questions to the best of your abilities by March 13th, 2017.

If you have questions regarding this survey, the KLAA, or the lake management planning project, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Mary Marks
Kelly Lake Advancement Association

3% of survey complete.