The Riverfront, Today

1. How familiar are you with the Riverfront Focus Area? (please see map)

Riverfront Focus Area

Riverfront Focus Area

2. IF, for question #1, you answered “Familiar” or Very Familiar,” please check as many points below as apply:

3. IF, for question #1, you answered, “Familiar” or “Very familiar,” please rate your satisfaction with the following:

  Not Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Very Satisfied
Public parking
Riverbank access
River (water) access
Things to do (fishing, biking, eating/drinking, walking, etc.)
Connections to downtown and other nearby destinations
Bicycle facilities (trails, parking, maps, etc.)
Overall attractiveness
Noise level and quality (water, vehicles, etc.)
Lighting levels after sunset
Personal safety and security
Personal comfort (appearance, seating, directional information, restrooms)
Maintenance and cleanliness

4. What is the relationship of the Riverfront Focus Area and Downtown Kankakee?

5. How often do you go to Downtown Kankakee?

6. If you go Downtown Kankakee, why do you go?  Please check all that may apply.

7. Have you been to any of the parks within the Riverfront Focus Area?

8. IF, for question #7, you answered "Yes," which of the following parks have you visited?  Please check all that may apply.

9. IF, for question #7, you answered "Yes," what activities do you participate in at the park?  Please check all that may apply.

10. Is the Kankakee River important to the identity of City of Kankakee?