For this survey, "Downtown Kamm's Corners" means the retail establishments, offices, and restaurants located on Lorain Avenue from roughly W. 176th St. (just West of Kamm's Plaza and including all the stores within Kamm's Plaza), east to W. 162nd St (near Dunkin Donuts)"

* 1. How often do you visit Downtown Kamm's Corners?

* 2. When you visit, how many establishments do you typically stop in during each trip?

* 3. When you visit, how long are you likely to stay in Downtown Kamm's Corners (for all stops combined)?

* 4. What time of day of you usually visit Downtown Kamm's Corners?

* 5. How far would you be willing to walk from your car to your destination?

* 6. What factor most influences where you park?

* 7. If a safe, patrolled parking lot was located in Downtown Kamm's Corners, what do you think a reasonable fee would be?

* 8. Metered parking generally result in higher turnover of spaces, making it easier for consumers to find parking spots (though at a price). Do you favor adding more metered parking in Downtown Kamm's Corners?

* 9. How often do you walk to Downtown Kamm's Corners?

100% of survey complete.