We are committed to take action for a fair contract.

We will strike if we have to!

Through more than a year of bargaining with Kadlec Medical Center, we have fought for our patients and working conditions that will allow us to provide the best care. We stand united in our fight for a fair contract that includes safe staff ing to protect our patients and benefits, including PTO that nurses have earned and deserve.

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* 1. If you are willing to sign up for a strike committee, please provide the following contact information:

Committee descriptions:
Strike Headquarters Committee - This committee will be responsible for securing a reasonable location for strike headquarters and for ensuring the appropriate supplies and communication tools are available.
Internal Communications Committee - This committee will ensure that speedy communications can be transmitted back and forth between bargaining unit members and the Oversight Committee.
External Communications Committee - This committee will provide strike/negotiation information to the general public, other unions, other local units in WSNA and state nurses associations, the press and other targeted support groups.
Child Care Committee - This committee will be responsible for researching the availability of reasonable child care to assist strikers who are serving on a committee, the picket line, or employed elsewhere in the community during the strike.
Picket Line Coordination Committee - This committee will organize picket schedules to ensure a sufficient number of picketers are available for designated picket times and oversee all actual picketing activities.
Employment Opportunity Committee - This committee will be responsible for assisting striking nurses in locating reasonable alternative employment during the strike.
Financial Committee - This committee will be responsible for fundraising to support strikers, directing strikers to assistance available from community organizations and working with our national affiliate, the AFT, to secure access to interest free loans and student debt relief opportunities for striking nurses.
Picket Captain - Picket captains are assigned the duty to monitor and manage the picket line, report incidents, make sure nurses sign up and sign in for picket shift and ensure picketers are informed and compliant with the ground rules appropriate of picket line behavior.

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* 2. I am willing to sign up for the following committees: (you may choose only one per ranking)

  Number 1 choice Number 2 choice Number 3 choice
Strike Headquarters Committee
Internal Communication Committee
External Communication Committee
Child Care Committee
Picket Line Coordination Committee
Employment Opportunity Committee
Financial Committee
Picket Captain