The following is a reference form for new campers enrolling at Camp Kadimah. An introduction follows from Camp.

Dear Referee;

Thank you for providing this reference for one of our campers.  

As background, Kadimah is a Jewish not-for-profit summer camp founded in 1943 on Nova Scotia's south shore.

The Camper Care team at Kadimah is seeking feedback from referees so that we may understand the qualities each new camper brings to Kadimah. But it's also important we are aware of any issues - behavioral, emotional or otherwise - which will help us assess campers' suitability for Kadimah so that we may set up all those who attend for a successful experience.

Kadimah is renowned for its very friendly and warm culture where kids are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone and discover their potential in a judgement-free environment.

The kids who flourish at Kadimah are true mensches - really nice people who are genuine, accepting and friendly and who take pride in contributing their part to sustaining the uniquely warm culture we've been nurturing since 1943.

While we celebrate each child's individuality, the kids who struggle - as is probably typical of all camps - are those who are mean-spirited, have a penchant for bullying and blatantly contravene the rules.

With that context, we hope you will take a few minutes to reflect upon your knowledge of the applicant and answer the questions below. Once completed, click "submit" to send your feedback to the Camp office.

Thank you very much for your time.


Sarah Atkins 
Camp Director
Email: sarah@campkadimah.com

cc: Paula Gaum Lipkus, Assoc Director, Camper Care
      Phil David, Executive Director

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