We're a startup company looking to learn more about the tools and methods that we use in our daily lives for remembering things as individuals.

The survey should only take 2-3 minutes to complete.

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* 1. You are hanging out with your friends.

One of them told you about her trip to a beautiful northern European city.

You want to visit there too.

What would you do to not forgetting the name of that city?

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* 2. You are surfing on the internet on your laptop, trying to find an effective diet plan.

You already checked out more than 20 different web pages by now.

You find 3 worthy blog posts amongst them.

What would you do to not lose these 3 web sites you have found?

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* 3. You are reading a book.

You loved the passage that you've just read.

What would you do to save that passage?

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* 4. You saw your friend watching a show.

You have asked about what was it about and you two have started talking about it.

After the conversation you decided to watch that show as well.

What would you do to remember the name of the show?

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* 5. You have went to a local bank for opening a new bank account.

After paperworks the customer representative gave you 8 digit customer number and 6 digit passcode on a printed document.

What would you do to remember your authentication information for future uses?

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* 6. You are listening a keynote presentation.

You saw a crucial piece of information on the current slide.

What would you do to save that piece of information?

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* 7. You are in a conference.

You have collected couple of business cards.

What would you do to not lose these contact information?

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