Registration & Paperwork for 17/18 School Year 2nd Semester

* 1. This registration form is only for Grade 6 students. Please check the box for your child's grade level that they will enter in 2017-2018 at TCMS.

* 2. Please enter the following information for your child. If you have more than one child attending TCMS, you are required to fill this form out again for the other child.

* 3. REQUIRED: Please enter his or her HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY 7-digit student identification number(aka, lunch number). If you do not know this number, please contact your child's school for the information.
If you do not have a Hillsborough County student number and need to make an appointment with Ms. Shambaugh for register in the county, please write N/A. 

* 4. Parent/Guardian Information

* 5. Parent/Guardian Information