Nominating Procedures: Nominations are open to all Hike Ontario club members, friends and volunteers, not just board members, club reps or committee chairs. The nominee must have participated in, and contributed significantly to the success of a club program or project in one or more of the following areas: Advocacy, Marketing, Public Relations, Governance, Trail Development, Events, Risk Management, Land Securement or Landowner Relations, Fundraising and/or Hike Leadership.

The nomination form must be filled out completely and written as if you are introducing your nominee to the Recognition Committee. Incomplete nomination forms will be disqualified. Individuals or groups may submit more than one nomination or may nominate themselves. The Recognition Committee may request additional information from nominees, nominators or the volunteers’ organizations (such as a picture). The Recognition Committee's decision will be final.

* 1. Name of Nominator

* 2. Club/Organization Affiliation

* 3. Position with club (if applicable)

* 4. Address

* 5. Phone Number

* 6. Email Address

* 7. Name of Nominee

* 8. Club/Organization Affiliation

* 9. Position with Club (if applicable)

* 10. Position with club (if applicable)

* 11. Address

* 12. Phone Number

* 13. Email Address

* 14. Please describe the nominee’s committee and program contributions, or long-term volunteer service to your club and why you believe this individual should be recognized.