1. Landholder details

Did you know that in future reduced supply of hardwood timber will increase demand for hardwood from private native forests?
Is your forest being managed to take advantage of this increased demand and the likely spike in timber prices?

A private native forestry extension program has commenced to raise landholder capacity and understanding about native forest management.
The program is being funded by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.
Basic forest management requires knowledge of optimal stocking densities, tree health, forest product recognition, fire management and systems of agricultural integration.

This survey will give us a better understanding of current forest management activities in your region.
It will also help us understand the knowledge and capacity needs of private forest owners – that way we can ensure the extension program optimizes your opportunity in the timber supply chain and delivers improvements for your enterprise.

The information that you provide in the survey will be kept in confidence and only used for the purposes of the extension program.
Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated. All responding participants will enter a draw for a 10L drum of Tordon DS and an injection kit. 
There are three pages in this survey. Please answer numerical questions with whole numbers. To navigate to the next page click 'next' at the bottom of the page.

* 1. By completing the personal details section we can contact you with extension program information, specific to your region and your requirements. 

* 2. Is your property used for primary production?

* 3. How many hectares is your property?

* 4. Have you accessed the Queensland Goverment's  vegetation mapping for your property?

* 5. If so have you completed a Property Map of Assessable Vegetation  [PMAV]  for your property to ensure your vegetation status is secure?

* 6. Have you registered a notification of intention to clear for a native forest practice on your property?