Josh Elman (@joshelman, Greylock/Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn) and Ty Taylor (@tyahma, Samsung/Comcast/Viacom) are hosting the "How to Build Great Products" conference on April 12 at the Presidio in San Francisco, 10-6.

This event is for anyone who is in product management and are part of a team building something you love. All of the speakers are current or former product managers who helped build many of the products and companies we use daily and will be sharing stories from their hands on experiences.

Speakers include Allen Blue, Co-founder/VP Product Strategy at LinkedIn, Hunter Walk, former Director Product at YouTube, Tom Conrad, CTO at Pandora, Joe Zadeh, head of product at AirBnb, Ian McAllister, senior manager at Amazon, and many more.


We are taking submissions for great product managers (any level) and will be sending invites over the first weeks of March.

Please submit the name, company, and email of your favorite product managers and be sending out invites over the first 2 weeks of March. Oh and if you are a product manager, please sign up here too!

(please note: we will be charging a small $100 fee for the event, but most costs will be covered by Greylock and Samsung.)

If you have any questions, please email me at And if you are working on a tool to better send out a form for submissions like this, please let me know too!

P.S. Emails submitted here will get lots and lots of spam. No, of course not - they won't be used for any purposes other than this conference.

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