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* 1. Have you noticed any problems with the new design such as blank webographies, errors or long loading times?

* 2. Which of these features would you like to see added to the site in the future?

* 3. What do you visit AWMDB for?

* 4. Do you find what you are looking for when you visit?

* 5. Please rate these areas of the new design

  1 (Awful) 2 3 4 5 (Excellent)
Overall Design
General Navigation
Text Size/Readability
Colour Scheme
Browser Compatibility

* 6. Has the change from drop down box to buttons for search made it easier or more effort?

* 7. Do you feel the scene breakdowns (listing info such as type of scene and content such as anal, interracial, squirting) are detailed enough?

* 8. Is the new feature that shows scenes where the girl finishes the guy off something you are interested in?

* 9. Is the forum something you would take part in?

* 10. And finally, do you have any suggestions or comments to improve AWMDB?