Thank you for your interest in play-testing/reviewing my first module, Ragnar's Keep. By signing up here you will get access to the draft PDF for reviewing. Anyone who gives me honest feedback will get a free PDF of the module once it is published on DriveThruRPG.

Since you're here, you probably already have some idea about it, but here's a quick overview to be on the safe side.
Ragnar's Keep is a fully detailed castle suitable for any fantasy game based on mediaeval Europe-style setting. It has been carefully researched to give realistic, detailed colour which you can use in your gaming descriptions to bring your world to life.
Little details in the description might spark ideas with your players for interactions — for example the flour in a kitchen could be thrown into the fire to create an explosion, or the onions hanging on a string could be used as impromptu missiles.

The settings also come with interesting characters with friendships, rivalries, back stories, ambitions and tensions to provide interest which the characters can play on in their interactions with them, either as challenges to work round when gaining cooperation, or opportunities to pit them against each other for the characters’ gain.
While using it, please consider:
  • which parts do you find useful?
  • is there anything (or anyone) else you would like to see?
  • is there anything which could be cut without reducing the value?
  • what artwork would you like to see added?
  • and overall, how can I make this more useful/attractive to you?
Please also think about how easy it is to use, and let me know about any typos you find, along with anything which looks inconsistent or wrong.

Note: while the main castle description and NPC text are pretty much complete, the layout is still fairly rough and the artwork is still very much a work-in-progress, so your thoughts on these would be particularly useful.

I look forward to your suggestions and feedback!

Ian Brockbank

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