Hello there,
We would love to have some feedback on your experience on the event and make sure that if we organise another Dyke March, it's bigger, better and more accessible. If you have time to fill in this survey, this would be a really helpful way for us to now in which areas we could improve :)

* 1. How did you find out about Dyke March? Did you find it well publicised and what are your suggestions for publicising it better?

* 2. On a practical level (route, meeting point, weather, disabled access...) what would you say worked for Dyke March?

* 3. What didn't work so well on a practical level?

* 4. Did you think Dyke March accomodated any needs you might have had for such an event? Did you feel represented? If not, how can we address this better next time?

* 5. Did you feel able to highlight the needs of your community/group through Dyke March? If not, how can Dyke March make the event more inclusive to your group/community?

* 6. Is there anything else you would like to see at Dyke March, were it to happen again, that was absent from Dyke March 2012?