According to Department for Education figures, the number of staff in further education dropped by 35%. We also know that 20% of people who enter teaching leave within the next 5 years.

But why do FE staff leave and what do they do next?

I am doing some research in this area and if you have left FE and/or know someone who has, we would be keen to get your input by answering the questions below.

* 1. Have you and/or do you know of any colleague(s) who have left Further Education in the last 12-18 months to work in another sector/job? If so what kind of job did they move on to do?

* 2. Which department did these colleague(s) work in?

* 3. What were the main reasons for their departure from the teaching profession?

* 5. In our "Where Have My FE Colleagues Gone?" blog post we suggest that "Reciprocity Rings" could benefit students and staff. If you have left FE would you be interested in taking part in this?

* 6. If you would like to get involved with reciprocity rings and/or assisting FE please leave your contact details