* 1. Prior to receiving this survey, had you heard of the Kansas City PHP User Group (KCPUG) ?

* 2. About how many KCPUG events have you previously attended?

* 3. If you have previously attended a KCPUG event, how useful did you find the content that was presented or the discussions that occurred?

* 4. If you knew about KCPUG but have NOT attended an event, why not? Please check all that apply!

* 5. Would you be more likely to attend future events if complimentary food and drink were provided?

* 6. We are evaluating changing meeting locations (other than Black Dog Coffeehouse.) Please rate your preference for attending a future meeting at the following types of venues.

  Favorite Least Favorite
Restaurant / Bar
Formal office setting (meeting room, one central table/chairs, whiteboard)
Informal office setting (open area, sets of tables/chairs)

* 7. We are evaluating changing the day of the week the group meets. Which day(s) work best for your schedule? Check all that apply.

* 8. We are evaluating changing our meeting start time. Which times work best for your schedule? Check all that apply.

* 9. In terms of meeting format, please rank how much you prefer Presentations to Open Discussion formats.

  Only Presentations Even amounts Presentations and Open Discussion Only Open Discussion
I prefer...

* 10. Do you have any other feedback for the group organizers? How can we make the group better and exceed your expectations of a top-notch user group? Please write as much as you'd like!