Core values survey: What does each value mean to you?

Earlier this year, staff/physicians/volunteers/board members/general public – everyone that had a vested interest in MSH were invited to take part in a survey to provide insight on MSH’s core values.
We took into consideration, all the feedback received.  And along with much thought from the committee, we have decided on these values: compassion, respect, commitment, courage and trust.

Now, we want to hear what these values mean to you, as a patient. What behaviours do you associate with each of these values? How do they make you feel?

By taking part in this survey you will help inform the development of MSH's code of behaviour which stems from the values. Please take five minutes to share your thoughts.

Thank you for your time. 

* 1. As a patient, what makes you feel respected?

* 2. Give an example of a time where you demonstrated respect to someone.

* 3. How do you demonstrate compassion?

* 4. As a patient/family member, what would it feel like if a caregiver demonstrated compassion towards you/your loved one?

* 5. What makes you feel like you are trusted?

* 6. As a patient, what makes you trust your care provider(s)?

* 7. What does commitment mean to you? 

* 8. What makes you feel like your care provider is committed to you?

* 9. How have you demonstrated courage? 

* 10. What makes a care provider courageous to you?