* 1. How many times have you used the Cycle Lane App ?

* 2. How did you hear about Cycle Lane ?

* 3. How easy is it to use the Cycle Lane App ?

* 4. What is your main mode of transportation ?

* 5. How often do you use your car ?

* 6. How often do you bike ?

* 7. What keeps you from bicycling more often ?

* 8. Have you seen our collected activity data in the Cycle Lane website ?
Click here to view data ~http://www.thempo.org/learn/user_data.cfm~

* 9. What other data summaries would you like to see posted on the data webpage from the Cycle Lane data we received so far ?

* 10. If you have additional comments for the Cycle Lane App that have not been addressed in the survey, please enter them below.