1. Introduction

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The purpose of this survey is to help you learn a little more about what the Reform Party stands for, and for you to find out how much you agree or disagree with those stances.

Note that it is not necessary to agree with the RPUSA on every issue. It is doubtful that any member agrees 100% with any other member.
The Reform Party is a National Political Party whose goal is to run candidates for office on its own ballot line in all 50 states. The members of the national Reform Party are the State Party organizations. Each State Party is made up of County and Precinct organizations.

It is governed by a National Convention held once every 4 years. Each affiliated state party sends delegates to that convention to represent the state party's interests.

Between conventions, it is governed by periodic National Committee Meetings. Each affiliated state party has the right to three representatives at those meetings.

Between National Committee Meetings, it is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of 4 National Officers and 7 Regional Representatives.

The Reform Party is not a Political Action Committee and it does not endorse the candidates of other political parties.