Please complete survey on or before September 5th

This is a congregation-wide survey from your UUCC ministerial transition committee, who were elected by the congregation after our current minister, Rev. Neal Jones, was certified by the UU Association to enter preliminary fellowship as a UU minister. Once a minister attains fellowship status, congregations typically “call” him or her to a more permanent ministry. The MTC is charged with coordinating the transition process.

This transition will culminate with a congregational vote scheduled to take place on November 18, 2012. With this vote, Rev. Jones, who has worked for the last eight years on a year-by-year contract with the UUCC Board of Trustees, would become a called UU minister, covenanting with this congregation for an indefinite period of time. To inform this vote for both congregants and minister, over the next two months we will seek feedback in three ways: through small group meetings with congregants, through an interview with the minister, and with this survey. This information will also become the basis for the initial Letter of Agreement between the congregation and Rev. Jones.

It is critical that this process be informed by the entire congregation, so we need a survey from each individual!

Your ministerial transition committee
Pat Mohr (chair), Sarah Corbett, Sharon Givens, Sonya Jones, Bethany Storlazzi, Bauer Westeren, and Bob Whitaker

* 1. How long have you been associated with this congregation?