You will complete a reflection survey at the end of every module. This is required. This survey was designed to: 1) provide you the opportunity to reflect on and strengthen learning and 2) provide me the opportunity to 'know where you are' so that I can do my best to facilitate your learning and growth. Please take your time on your responses.

1. What is your first and last name?

2. In a paragraph, please describe a new idea you gained as a result of this module and how you will use this in your future.

3. What questions remain? What would you like to explore further and why?

4. What portion of this module was most helpful and why?

5. Is there anything that I should remove or change about this module for the future? Explain why.

6. Give yourself an informal grade for this module based on your effort, participation, and contribution.

  A B C D F

7. This module was approriately challenging.

100% of survey complete.