Parks Replacement Bond

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!  Comments are due by 5pm, Monday, June 18, 2018. 

Please review the June 9 presentation boards before you begin the survey.

Gilbert Primary Park (SE 134th Avenue and Foster Road) has some of the oldest play equipment in the parks system, dating back to the 1960s. Recently, a slide was removed due to lead paint content. A new playground and ADA pathway improvements are coming to Gilbert Primary Park, thanks to funding from the Parks Replacement Bond.

At the May 19 community gathering and online, we shared three concepts for the community's feedback. The design team used the community's input to create a draft final concept. We are now looking for feedback on this design before we move forward.

The design team will incorporate community input received from this form into the final design. Here is the expected project schedule moving forward:

 * Summer 2018 - Fall 2018: Construction Documents
 * Winter 2018/19 - Spring 2019: Permitting and Bidding
 * Summer 2019 - Fall 2019: Construction

  Contact Maija Spencer at 503-823-5593 or

* 1.

What is your general reaction to the playground design? (pick one)

Cual es su reaccion general del diseno de recreo?       

Какое ваше общее мнение о дизайне?

* 2. The playground design and community gathering spaces create a welcoming, safe, and usable space for all ages and abilities. (pick one)

El diseno del patio de recreo crea un espacio de ambiente que es seguro, usable, y bienvenido para todas las edades y habilidades. 

Дизайн площадки создает приятное и безопасное впечатления для людей всех возрастов и возможностей

* 3. We heard that many people desire better seating options at the playground. What do you think of the seating options (benches and picnic tables) in this design?  (pick one)

Nosotros escuchamos a muchas personas del desarallo de poner mejores opciones para sentarse en el recreo de patio. Que Ud. Piensa de las opciones (bancas y mesas) en el diseno?

Было замечено мнение, что людам важны места для сидения. Улучшили мы дизайн лавочек и мест для пикника?

* 4. Which type of musical equipment do you prefer? (pick one)

Que tipo de juego musical Ud. Prefiere? (eliga uno)

Выберите один наиболее понравившийся музыкальный игровой инструмент

* 5. IF within the current project budget, Parks is not able to include every feature and play element shown in the draft design, what are the FIVE MOST IMPORTANT proposed elements in the design to include? 

Si en caso, el presupuesto del Proyecto, Parques no puede incluir cada elemento de juego y estructura que muestra el diseno, cuales son las CINCO MAS IMPORTANTE elementos propuestos en el diseno se deberian de incluir? 

Если бюджет не позволит построить все задуманное, какие 5 самых важных элементов вы бы хотели видеть в парке?


* 6. Public input was incorporated into the overall design concept. (pick one)

La opinion del publico fue incorporada en todo el concepto del diseno.

Мнение общественности было учтено в планировании дизайна

* 7. The public process was open, inclusive, and transparent. (pick one)

El proceso del publico fue claro, inclusivo, y transparente.

Процесс опроса был отркрытым для всех

* 8. Thank you for participating in the design of your neighborhood park. Your comments and experiences have helped shaped the design.  Is there anything else you would like us to know?