Dear Mountain Communities Resident,

The Mountain Communities Small Business Development Center is conducting a survey to understand the role that local businesses serve in our community, and how they can better respond to your needs and preferences. We would love to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to complete the following brief questionnaire. To thank you for your participation, you will be automatically entered in a drawing to win a variety of prizes generously donated by local businesses. This is a confidential survey, and your responses will be used only for research purposes.

* 1. Today's date

* 2. Your Name

* 3. Phone Number (for notification of prize drawing only)

* 4. In what zip code do you live?

* 5. In what zip code do you work or attend school?

* 6. What three Mountain Community businesses do you frequent most often?

* 8. How often do you purchase goods and services in the following locations:

  Weekly Monthly 3-4 Times a Year Less Frequently
Frazier Park
Pine Mountain Club
Lake of the Woods
Santa Clarita/Valencia
Other (specify below)

* 9. Who in your household does the majority of shopping?

* 10. (If you commute) On a typical day, what time do you leave home?

* 11. (If you commute) On a typical day, what time do you return home?

* 12. We are interested in the relative importance of reasons people have for deciding to shop "off the mountain". When you shop outside the Mountain Communities, how important are the following reasons in your decision to do so?

  Not at all important Of minor importance Somewhat important Moderately important Extremely important
Geographical convenience
Store hours of operation
Greater selection and quality
Items not available in Mountain Communities
Other (Please specify below)

* 13. What type of new businesses would you like to see in Mountain Communities?

* 14. What would you say is the BEST thing about about shopping in the Mountain Communities?

* 15. What would you say is the MOST FRUSTRATING thing about shopping in the Mountain Communities?