1. Questions from 2011 Winter Forums

This year the two discussion topics at the forums are:

100th Anniversary


Here are the four specific questions that will be discussed during the winter forums. We need feedback from delegates and alternate delegates on issues that are important to you.

Please tell us what you think.

* 1. What resources and support would enhance a year-long celebration of the 100th for troops, service units and associations?

* 2. How do we create a welcoming and unifying experience for the over 200,000 people at Girl Scouts Rock the Mall?

* 3. What can we do to increase participation in activities and camping at GSCNC camps? We have a girl membership of over 68,000 and we had 31,000 girls use our camps last year. What can we do to reach the rest?

* 4. How do we strategically prioritize capital investment in GSCNC camps? In other words, what do you consider our camps’ most important features – what are your must haves and what do consider just nice to have.