In March of this year, Community Visitors won the right to collective bargain with your employer over your pay and conditions. This means you now have a say over how much your earn and your workplace entitlements. 

It's now time to consider what changes to your workplace you and your CV colleagues find most important. The questions below will give your delegates an understanding on what issues Community Visitors feel are the most important. Your delegates will use your responses to negotaite an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EB) with your employer.

* 1. Full payment for travel and mileage (remove 60/40 rule).

* 2. Improved Long Service Leave provisions – e.g. taking pro rata long service leave after 7 years (currently can only access at 10 years). Seeking to apply same conditions as other state government employees (in line with conditions in Long Service Leave Directive)

* 3. Additional realistic paid admin time, less unpaid admin time

* 4. An annual wage increase every year of the agreement.

* 5. How much should this wage increase be?

* 6. How long should this agreement be in place before renegotiation?

* 7. The right to consultation about changes to work practices (for example changes made to the child reports)

* 8. To receive penalty rates for work performed on weekends.

* 9. To have minimum hours for casual engagement – e.g. 3 hours minimum pay per work.

* 10. To put in place a ‘floor’ for minimum payment on claimable items, not just a ‘cap’.

* 11. To receive payment at overtime rates for work performed outside a determined ordinary hours of work, to address current pressures to perform multiple visits at night for no extra pay. (E.g. for work performed after 7pm at night).

* 12. Removing the current requirement for CVs to apply and be approved for ‘leave’ greater than 2 weeks. (Casuals availability/non-availability to be determined by casuals and advised to department).

* 13. Introduce provision for casuals to provide non-availability, to have boundaries regarding days worked.  E.g. CV only available Tuesday to Thursday will not perform work including reporting on other days, including weekends and day.