Kate Mountain Park Usage

Kate Mountain Park is a small recreational space off of Route 3 in Vermontville, NY. The Town of Franklin Recreation Committee is dedicated to understanding the uses of the park by the community in order to provide and promote continued, and future, uses of Kate Mountain Park in a fun, family-friendly, and safe way.

Your answers will help us organize and provide activities that the community is interested in, as well as directing the continued improvement of Kate Mountain Park to meet the community's needs.

* 1. What activities do you participate in at Kate Mountain Park?

* 2. What activities would you participate in if they were available at Kate Mountain Park?

* 3. Do you believe our community would benefit from a Community Center located at Kate Mountain Park?

* 4. What activities would you like to see a Community Center at Kate Mountain Park used for?

* 5. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

* 6. Please leave your contact information if interested in further participation or volunteering with the Town of Franklin Recreation Committe, or if you have any further questions/concerns. Thank you!