Kentucky Academic Standards Review and Revision Process

From August 25, 2014 through April 30, 2015, the Kentucky Department of Education sought public input on the state's English language arts and mathematics standards through the Kentucky Core Academic Standards (KCAS) Challenge. 

Academic standards define what Kentucky students are expected to learn at each grade level in order to graduate ready for success in college and career. How the standards are taught – the curriculum or methods and materials used – is decided at the local level. 

The KCAS Challenge had two primary goals:

1. Increase awareness and understanding of the Kentucky Core Academic Standards in English language arts and mathematics that were adopted in 2010 and

2. Solicit actionable feedback on the standards as part of the department's regular review process of the academic standards that have been implemented in Kentucky's public schools.

Nearly 4,000 people took part in the challenge, which was widely publicized by the department and education partners, as well as in the media. Almost 50 percent of those who weighed in on the standards were teachers or retired teachers, about 20 percent were parents, eight percent were administrators or school district staff, and about eight percent represented business or the community at-large. The remainder were students, professors and state agency partners. 

Almost 90% of all responses to the mathematics standards were “thumbs up” meaning respondents felt the standard was 'good as is.' Only 40 standards or individual parts of standards received less than 70% approval rating.

Beginning in September 2015, teams of content experts, teachers from K-12, postsecondary and other education shareholders convened. Working together with agency staff facilitating the meetings, they reviewed the feedback collected as part of the challenge, studied progressions of standards, as well as research and recommended revisions that have merit for improving the overall quality and appropriateness of the standards to promote college/career readiness for all students. 

For more information on the KCAS Challenge results and the ELA and Math standards please visit the Kentucky Department of Education KCAS Challenge webpage at

This survey has four (4) parts. You can respond to all parts or only selected parts. If you begin and stop without finishing all sections you desire, you will need to begin again with the INFORMATION section the next time you access the survey, and can skip to the section you wish to complete. Your responses from each time you access the survey will be captured.

Part I, DRAFT Revisions for Mathematics Standards These revisions are based on KCAS Challenge results and are recommended by the team of content experts. 

Part II, DRAFT Standards for Advanced Coursework in Mathematics These standards are in addition to the (+) standards and they would NOT be required for all students as part of the minimum high school graduation requirements.

 Part III, Mathematics Content Standards for ALL Students – College and Career Ready This is the complete set of K-12 standards required for all students. 

Part IV, Current Standards for Advanced Coursework in Mathematics These standards are currently embedded in the Kentucky Academic Standards for mathematics and indicated by a (+) sign. They are NOT required for ALL students as part of the minimum graduation requirements.

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