* 1. Do you access the Internet at any of the following locations?

* 2. How do you monitor your child's progress?

* 3. What reasons prevent you from attending school functions,
such as Open House, PTA Meetings, Family Nights, etc.

* 4. What method do you prefer the most as a means of notification regarding meetings, events and other programs offered at

* 5. There is a two-way system of communication between home
and school that is open and easily accessible

* 6. Communication is regular, consistent and meaningful.

* 7. Rate each of the following on a scale from 1 to 10.  (1 being the
lowest and 10 being the highest)

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Communication school to home
Response to parents when concerns arise
Communication from teacher
Front office welcoming
School environment overall
Academic opportunities
Cleanliness of building
Opportunities to be involved at the school

* 8. The District applied to use AMI days for our 2 snow days instead of adding them to the end of the school year.  Do you want the District to apply for AMI days in the 18-19 school year?  If we do not apply, any snow days will be automatically made up at the
end of the school year. 

* 9. What are the strengths of this school?

* 10. What are the weakness of this school?

* 11. Please mark the school where your student(s) attends.