Disinvitation Survey

I am studying disinvitations and need your help.

Recently I was on the receiving end of what I’ll call a “disinvitation,” the adult equivalent of the six-year-old's “you can’t come to my birthday party.” Uncomfortable as it was to receive this, I found the disinvitations to be very interesting.

You (or someone you know) may have received a disinvitation if you or your acquaintance
(a) have/has been explicitly not invited to something or
(b) an invitation previously extended to you or someone you know has been rescinded.

If this has happened to you or someone you know, and you are willing to fill out this survey, it will ask you for either a copy of the disinvitation (for example, an email or a text) or your recollection of the disinvitation, followed by a brief description of the disinvitER (approximate age, gender, relationship to the addressee), the recipient/disinvitED (approximate age, gender, relationship to the speaker/sender), the event, and any background information you would like to provide.There is no "right" or "wrong" answer to any of these questions. Your responses are completely anonymous. Please do not use names! Use terms like "my brother" or "my friend's sister."

The survey is very short; the amount of time it takes is up to you and how much you want to say.

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this study on disinvitations.

* 1. Consent

I have been informed about the nature of this study and willingly consent to take part in it. I understand that I may withdraw from the study at any time.

Please date as e-consent.

* 2. The Disinvitation

What were you told when someone disinvited you? If you have the original email or copy of a disinvitation, please type or paste your disinvitation here. Remember to change names to relationships, such as "Bill" to "my ex-boyfriend." If you do not have the original, please share what you remember. Please don't use names.

* 3. The Event

What was the event to which you were disinvted? (for example, wedding, birthday party, conference)

* 4. Disinviter's Age (approximately)

* 5. Disinviter's Gender

* 6. Recipient's Age (the person who was disinvited) (approximately)

* 7. Recipient's Gender

* 8. Relationship of Disinviter to Recipient

What was the relationship of the person who rescinded the invitation to the person who was uninvited?

* 9. The Back Story

Is there any background information that would help me understand the situation better? Again, please no names, only relationships!

* 10. How did you feel about it?