In 2016 ALGA established an interest group to meet the challenges of New Zealand’s rapidly changing regulatory landscape on the management of asbestos.

* 1. To date there have been three (3) ALGA - NZ Asbestos Group eNewsletters sent, a couple of focussed workshops and branch events as well as a plenary session at the ALGA 4th Annual NZ Conference. Assuming you have received and/or attended any of these - please rate the quality and relevance of information:

* 2. Please indicate which area of the Asbestos sector you find most relevant to your professional needs:

* 3. Please comment on what you see as the current problems or challenges within the asbestos sector in NZ.

* 4. Do you see a need for independent forums for professionals and regulators to discuss the ongoing issues and challenges in the asbestos sector?

* 5. If, yes how often?

* 6. All ALGA Interest Group Committees are refreshed annually - there is soon to be a call for committee member nominations (limited to 10).
With this is mind, what would you like to put to the 2018 Committee to be focussing on over the next 12 months.

* 7. If there is anything else you wish to communicate to the Committee - please detail here:

* 8. Do you feel that there is currently enough being done to raise the standard of professional services around asbestos? How do you see the ALGA NZ Asbestos Group being involved in raising the standard?