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Thank you for attending and participating in the 2009 TSNA Industry Conference. The Industry Advisory Board would like to have your evaluation of the conference in order to plan the 2011 conference and improve the quality of future conferences. Thank you for your honest evaluation and comments.
On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the highest score, please rate the following areas of the conference. (1 = excellent, 2 = good, 3 = average, 4 = below average, 5= not acceptable.

* 1. Please rate the following areas:

  1. Excellent 2. Good 3. Average 4. Below Average 5. Not Acceptable
Program content
Program schedule (Monday AM to Wednesday AM)
Meals provided
Industry scholarship auction
Networking opportunities
Table top displays
Facility - Holiday Inn Pigeon Forge
Location - Pigeon Forge

* 2. Using the same rating scale, please rate the following sessions:

  1. Excellent 2. Good 3. Average 4. Below Average 5. Not acceptable
Controlling Costs Panel
Health Inspector - Joy Loy
LEEDS Architect
Going Green Panel
Hot Topic Roundtables
US Healthier Challenge
Buying Groups for Equipemnt
Achieving Excellence
Farm to School
Food Trends
Favorite and Least Favorite Equipment
Procurement - Tools, Tips and How-tos
Procurement - SNP panel
Procurement - Industry Panel
5 Minutes of Fame
Face to Face with Sarah White

* 3. Please feel free to provide additional comments that will help the Industry Advisory Board provide continuing excellent service to TSNA.