You are at the Sage Shoppe Prospective Client Pre-Screening Questionnaire.

This questionnaire provides Sage Shoppe with necessary institutional information that will be kept confidential and used for in-house purposes only, in collaboration with you, our prospective client.  This questionnaire is best completed by the organization's executive director, a board member (preferably chair), or a manager in operations. These administrative leadership positions are often the correct organizational leader that has access to fiduciary and organizational operations data covered in this survey.  

The scope of the questions included here are as follows:
1.   Institutional overview and relevant contact data
2.   Fundraising and Grant management practice
3.   Organizational needs assessment

The successful completion of every question minimizes wasted time between your organization's leadership and Sage Shoppe's co-principals. Accurate and thorough completion of this document makes the potential work we do together more efficient. Both the internal and external needs for your non-profit or not-for-profit organization are addressed by these questions, and offers your organization's leadership, an opportunity to communicate knowledge only they possess about your organization and its operations.

Sage Shoppe wants to work with you to identify the areas where we can provide your institution with the most relevant and innovative services possible.

Thank you for making the time to complete the Sage Shoppe Prospective Client Pre-Screening Questionnaire.

April Land and Ethel Hazard
Co-Principals of Sage Shoppe
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