1. Introductory questions

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* 1. Which best describes your company or your division in your company?

* 2. Which Industry is your company most active in?

* 3. What is your company/division’s approximate annual revenue?

* 4. Approximately how many total people are in your company/division (as defined in question 1)?

* 5. Approximately how many people in your organization (as defined in question 1) are in a product design, development or engineering function?

* 6. Approximately what percentage of these people (as defined in the previous question) get involved in CAD interoperability or data exchange activities?

* 7. What is your personal function/role at your company?

* 8. What is the primary location of your team/group/project?

* 9. Have you heard about the Collaboration & Interoperability Congress in May (www.3Dcic.com)?