Program Description

Purpose: Supporting PIPA practices in developing and implementing innovative projects that improve the quality or efficiency of care.

Grant Requirements:
- Provider is currently contracted in the PIPA network
- Project is sustainable after initial funding
- Project is replicable by other practices 
- Provider and their appointed staff must be willing to attend the PIPA Final Presentation Event in the first quarter of 2023 to present their project

Grant Evaluation Criteria:
- Project addresses a problem or barrier to access or delivery of care
- Incorporates coordination or collaboration between PCP and Specialist providers (when possible)
- Innovative to practice
- Reasonable budget in relation to the scope of the project
- Reduces costs or improves quality of patient care
- Measurable outcome based on initial baseline and final data
- Commitment from the entire staff and clinic

Key Dates:
- Application Opens: 8/30/2021
- Application Closes: 10/29/2021
- Notification of final decisions: 12/22/2021
- 2022 Final Presentation Event: First quarter of 2023 (location and date TBD)


1.  Does the grant recipient have to be a MD or DO?  Yes, the provider leading the project has to be a PIPA contracted physician (MD or DO).  Additional clinic staff can also participate in the project.

2.  Does the project have to involve PCP and Specialty providers?  No, but we encourage projects that support collaboration between Primary Care and Specialty providers.

3.  Can the project be similar to another grant from a previous year?  Yes, if approved we will connect you with the provider who completed a similar grant. 

4.  Can part or all of the grant money be applied to hire additional staff?  No. Staffing costs are ongoing which would not meet the criteria for a sustainable project.

5.  What is an average grant award?  There is no average, however in 2021 there were 37 grants awarded with a range of $800 to $47,850.

6.  What does being replicable by other practices mean?  Other PIPA providers could implement a similar project after obtaining your grant project information.

7.  What is considered measurable outcome and baseline data?  Having initial data to establish a baseline to compare with end results.

8. Does the grant need to include a commitment from the entire clinic and staff?  This is not a requirement but we encourage as much clinic support as possible. Clinic and staff members should be included in the project as permitted.

9. Can someone from the clinic attend the Final Presentation Event in place of the provider?  No, the provider must be willing to attend the Final Presentation Event. The final grant checks will be distributed at the event.

10. What is expected at the event?  All providers awarded a grant must be willing to present and share their grant project(s).

11. Can I attend the event if my grant was not accepted for this year?  Yes, all IPA members are encouraged to attend.

Question Title

* 1. I agree to share my grant information with other clinics who want to implement the same (or a similar) project.  I also agree to attend the Final Presentation Event to display and present my grant.

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* 2. Practice Name:

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* 3. Practice Tax Identification Number:

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* 4. Project Contacts:

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* 5. Briefly describe your project, including your desired outcome or goal:

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* 6. How will your project address a problem or barrier to either access or delivery of care?

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* 7. List your implementation milestones with a timeline in quarterly intervals:

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* 8. What baseline data do you plan to gather to measure your outcome?

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* 9. Funding:

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* 10. How will your project be sustainable after initial funding?

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* 11. Is there any additional information that you would like to provide?

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* 12. A copy of your application will be emailed to you within 3 business days.  Please enter your email address.