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  • The sonographic morphology of ‘typical’ fibroadenomas is well-described. For many years, standard practice in the United Kingdom and Ireland has been based on the approach that any sonographically typical fibroadenoma in a patient under the age of 25 years does not require a biopsy for histological confirmation. However any sonographically typical fibroadenoma in a patient aged 25 or older, or any lesion not fulfilling all the criteria for a typical fibroadenoma, irrespective of patient age, would normally undergo biopsy.
  • Based on available evidence, the most recent Royal College of Radiologists’ Guidance on Screening and Symptomatic Breast Imaging, (4th Edition) produced by the British Society of Breast Radiology, and published in 2019 states that for presumed fibroadenomas in patients under 25 years of age, a biopsy is not indicated if certain criteria are satisfied, but that “a higher cut-off age such as 30 years may be used if supported by robust local audit, especially if shear wave elastography shows benign features.”
  • This means that practice is not entirely standardised, with some units using the ‘25 and over age cutoff for biopsy, and others using a higher age cutoff.
  • In preparing the 5th Edition of its guidance, scheduled for publication later this year, the British Society of Breast Radiology would like to gain insight into current practice across the United Kingdom and Ireland regarding the biopsy practice of fibroadenomas.
  • We have produced a very short survey comprising between 6 and 9 questions (depending on your responses) that we estimate will take 2 minutes, and we would be very grateful if you would complete it.

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* 1. Please state your breast unit name, hospital Trust, and city/town (this is so we can assess the geographic range of responses and not to make inferences about specific units’ practices):

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* 2. What is your unit’s age range for non-biopsy of ‘typical’ fibroadenomas?

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