* 1. Where are you based?

* 2. What industry are you in?

* 3. What is your role in the company?

* 4. Do you think the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) (or Industrie 4.0) will impact your business in the next five years?

* 5. How do you expect the IIoT to benefit your business?

  Not at all Very much
Operational cost reduction
Optimize asset utilization
Improve uptime/reduce downtime
Improve customer experience
Improve worker safety
Improve worker effectiveness

* 6. What is your company's IIoT implementation strategy timeline?

* 7. What are you doing with the IIoT today?

* 8. What role do you think OPC Unified Architecture (UA) plays as an IIoT enabler?

* 9. If you are a device vendor (devices, software, controllers, etc.), are you looking to enable your products with OPC UA connectivity? Otherwise, please skip this question.

* 10. If you answered yes to question 9, will you develop OPC UA connectivity in-house or use a 3rd party Software development Kit (SDK)? Otherwise, please skip this question.

* 11. Which of the following OPC UA benefits are most relevant to you?

* 12. What do you see as the greatest barriers to adopting IIoT?

* 13. Are you using classic OPC today?

* 14. Are you using OPC UA based connectivity today?

* 15. If you are using classic OPC solutions today, are you interested in starting to gradually migrate your systems to OPC UA?

* 16. What’s the biggest question you have about OPC UA or IIoT/Industrie 4.0?

* 17. What IIoT related events do you plan to attend in 2016?

* 18. Where do you get most of your information about IIoT and OPC UA? Please provide website URL, publication, etc.

* 19. If you would like to receive the results of this survey, please submit your name and email address.

Thank you for filling out our IIoT survey! We appreciate your input.