Cartie Technical Details

Please take a couple of minutes to complete our survey of the carties currently in use. This will help us to assess the likely impact of any alterations to our technical specifications. Please answer as fully and accurately as you can.

* 1. How much does your cartie weight (Kg)? Numbers only please. Do not enter the units. e.g. 72, not 72Kg

* 2. What are the dimensions of your cartie (mm)? Please enter number only. Do not enter the units. E.g. 1530, not 1530mm.

* 4. What type of steering mechanism do you have?

* 5. What is your approximate steering geometry

* 7. What body type?

* 8. Select the races you have competed in.

  Have competed in past Planning to compete at next event
Castle Forbes Gravity Race
Cadwell Park Gravity Festival
Border Bogie Challenge
Pebmarsh Billy Cart Grand Prix
Dalby Forest
Aldington Soap Box Derby
Catterline Cartie Challenge
Richards Castle Soap Box Derby
Belchford Downhill Challenge
Whitehill & Bordon Soap Box Derby
Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme
Mansel Lacy Soapbox Derby