1. How did you hear about the Brooklyn/Queens RPCV group?

2. Please select the group goals or activities that interest you the most (multiple answers allowed):

3. Which days and times work best for you to meet? (Multiple answers allowed)

4. Please rank your likelihood of attending the following social events. Using the drop down numbers next to each option, please put the events in order of your preference, where "1" is the event you are most likely to attend and "7" least likely:

5. Please list a few of your personal hobbies or interests.

6. Which styles of service opportunities interest you most?

7. How interested are you, currently, in assuming an ongoing responsibility or leadership role within the group?

8. How interested are you in leading short-term projects, such as helping to plan or host an event?

9. If you answered "very interested" to question 7 or 8, please provide us your name and email. (If not, please skip).

10. What projects or events would you like to see the group try?