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We'd like to know how the economy has affected some of your spending and wellness choices. We are very appreciative of your time, and the thoughts you are sharing. Please note, by filling out the survey, you are giving us permission to use the results; you may remain anonymous if you choose!

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* 2. Where do you live?

* 6. Now, thinking about the economy...

  A lot A little Not at all
Would you say the economy has affected your life ...
Has your attitude about spending money changed since last year?

* 7. Compared to last year…

  Better Worse The Same N/A
Is your love life...
Is your overall sense of well-being ...
Is your emotional health...
Is your physical health...
Is your economic health...

* 8. Compared to last year,are you taking care of yourself ...

* 9. Thinking about your feelings, compared to last year, are you ...

  More Less The Same N/A
Enjoying life
Stressing out
Getting angry

* 10. Thinking about your health, compared to last year, are you ...

  More Less The Same N/A
Drinking alcohol
Eating fatty foods
Eating dairy
Seeing my doctor(s) regularly
Delaying prescription refills
Eating foods I know are "bad for me"
Working out at the gym
Taking pills to help me sleep
Eating healthfully
Eating sweets
Working out on my own
Taking prescribed medicines
Eating carbs
Taking care of health problems immediately

* 11. Thinking about how you spend time, compared to last year, are you ...

  More Less The Same N/A
Enjoying hobbies
Playing video games
Going online
Hanging out with friends, not spending money
Talking on the phone
Cleaning house
Being alone
Going to school
Spending time with family
Listening to music
Shopping with credit cards
Hanging out with friends, spending money
Having sex

* 12. Thinking about ways you take care of your appearance, compared to last year, are you ...

  More Less The Same N/A
Switching from salon haircolor to at-home coloring products
Buying luxury or high-end cosmetics
Buying anti-aging products
Taking care of my skin
Buying luxury or high-end haircare products
Buying luxury or high-end skincare products
Delaying time between haircuts or haircolor
Buying shoes
Delaying time between manicures or pedicures
Buying perfume or fragrance
Buying luxury or high-end soaps
Closet shopping
Switching from salon mani/pedi to at-home polish
Buying clothes

* 13. Compared to last year, how much are you buying of the following items?

  More Less The Same N/A
Oral care products, like toothpaste or toothbrushes
Music: CDs, MP3s, records
Products for my home
Books or magazines
Junk food
Products to enhance my sex life
Wine or beer
Products to help me sleep
Prescription medicines
Skincare products
Organic food
Fast food
Organic/green home products
Eyecare products, including contact lenses or glasses
Products for my pet's health

* 14. Are you making any of the following choices? (choose as many as apply)

* 15. Where do you get relief from economic anxiety? (Choose as many as apply)

* 16. Thinking about the idea of "wellness," please choose THREE words that best describe what "wellness" meant to you LAST year

* 17. Thinking about the idea of "wellness," please choose THREE words that best describe what "wellness" mean to you THIS year

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