Welcome to Our Survey

On behalf of The Recovery Center of USA, I extend a warm welcome and express gratitude for your time in reading this message. We take great pride in providing outpatient behavioral health and substance abuse services to the residents of Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

In the same spirit, I am excited to announce that we are initiating satisfaction surveys for our stakeholders. Your feedback is not only important but also eagerly anticipated. These surveys are crucial in shaping the future of our business and your participation is key to our success.

As a valued member of our community and a potential referral source, we are committed to keeping you informed and engaged in our ongoing improvement efforts. We are eager to send out satisfaction surveys tailored specifically for our stakeholders, seeking candid feedback on what we do well and where we can improve.

Rest assured, all responses provided in these surveys will be held in the strictest confidence. We encourage honesty and constructive criticism, as it helps us better understand your needs and expectations, and allows us to address concerns effectively while recognizing our areas of success.

Participating in the surveys is simple. You will receive a personalized email invitation with a link to the survey, providing direct access to the questionnaire.
The survey will encompass various aspects of your interaction with our company, including customer service interactions, client care quality and features, website usability, and more.

Following the collection of survey responses, a thorough analysis will take place under my personal supervision alongside other key executive leaders. Based on the insights gathered, action plans will be developed to address any issues or opportunities highlighted by participants like yourself.

This letter signifies not only my commitment but also that of the entire leadership team towards fostering a culture of continuous improvement and stakeholder engagement. We genuinely appreciate your participation and look forward to a bright and productive future because we truly believe that “community is at the heart of recovery.”

Dr. Warrick Stewart
Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Recovery Center USA