IABC-LI is for you. For your organization. For your present and future growth as a communicator. We want YOU to help shape the future of this organization, so we can continue to give you what you need to achieve your communication goals.

Every day, digital communications get bigger and wider -- and more important to the future success of your organization. And it changes so fast! Do you have questions about how to succeed online, or even how to get on the digital bandwagon?

Please take a minute or two to answer these questions. Tell us what you want to know, what you want to learn, what you want to talk about when it comes to bringing your organization to the forefront of marketing/communications in the digital age.

Together, we are the future of Long Island.

David Weinstein, President

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* 1. What are the most important things you want to get out of a meeting/your membership?

  Most Important Somewhat Important Average Less Important Least Important
The online archive of case studies, reports and templates
Networking with colleagues and peers
Free communications resources and webinars
Help with spreading/amplifying your message
Learn things that will help me in my job
Enhance my professional development
IABC Job Board

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* 2. Which topics would prompt you to attend a meeting? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)

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* 3. Please indicate your preference for meeting times.

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* 4. IABC-LI is always looking for sponsors so we can keep our meeting fees low. Which of the following types of sponsorship opportunities would you or your organization find appealing?

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* 5. In which of the following areas would you like to help the chapter?

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* 6. Would you like to speak to someone about customizing your membership to make it more rewarding to you and your organization, or possibly joining a committee and helping the organization?

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* 7. Optional - Your Name and How You Want To Be Contacted

We appreciate you filling this out! Thank you for your time.