1. Airport Wheelchair Informative Survey (Envite Design)

The purpose of this quick survey is to try to understand how many people will be helped when a wheelchair is specifically designed for airport usage. Only the first two questions are required to be answered to "complete" the survey, but any additional information that may help in the development of this wheelchair will be used confidentially by me, Brad Presler (Envite Design) and will be greatly appreciated. The plan is to go to airports and describe the information gathered here to help show the need for such a wheelchair.

* 1. Have you, or anyone you know, not flown because of the hassles of using current wheelchairs in the airport? Please explain your answer with any concerns about current designs and/or reasons for choosing to fly or not to fly.

* 2. Would you or the person you know choose to fly if the hassles of current airport wheelchairs could be reduced?