NOTE: The Committee studying this can make recommendations only to the Board of Commissioners of Henderson County, and only regarding County, not Federal or State, or city, town or village, regulations. The purpose of this activity is to insure that the County is as "business friendly" as possible, while maintaining the safety and security of our citizens.

* 1. WHO ARE YOU? Please describe your relationship with Henderson County (click all that apply)

* 2. What permits, procedures and policies do you think are working well and support efficiencies for the County's economic growth and development?

* 3. What procedures at the County level do you feel are not working well and hinder the County's economic growth and development?

* 4. What do you think the County should do to improve its regulations and processes in order to insure the County's long-term economic growth?

* 5. Your contact information (Optional)

* 6. May we contact you if we have additional questions?