Please fill out the survey. Within 48 hrs we will either email or text you to take the next step in the application process.

* 1. What is your name, phone and email? (important in order to be selected for the program).

* 2. Are you SICK and TIRED of having excess body fat and REALLY want a dramatic change?

* 3. Do you want a leaner body, more energy, and more confidence?

* 4. 3. Do you have at least 10lbs of body fat to lose or do you want to GAIN muscle and get shredded?

* 5. Will you be seriously committed for 8 weeks with a “no excuses” attitude?

* 6. What supplements, protein powders etc.. do you currently use?

* 7. Are you coach-able and willing to follow a specific meal plan & 4x per week exercise regiment?

* 8. THIS QUESTION PERTAINS TO COST: Are you willing to redirect money from your normal food budget, to our specific nutritional line to replace 1-2 of your meals (that GUARANTEES results with a 100% money back guarantee)?

* 9. Will you be open to showcasing your RESULTS to inspire others and to show other people in pain what is possible?

* 10. What are your specific body goals AND WHY do you want to achieve this goal? (please be very thorough and specific).