1. Contact Information & Bio

LACC will be including an Alumni section on the new LACC website. This section will include current biographical information on our alumni and other useful networking information. You will be able to submit resumes, job openings, internships, grant opportunities, etc. The site will not only help LACC build lasting ties to alumni, but it will also strengthen the MALACS Program by giving current students the opportunity to learn from the experiences and achievements of our alumni.

As a member of our new Alumni Association, you are invited to participate in LACC’s activities and to get involved. You can help us in a number of ways, such as:
• Speaking at LACC events
• Joining one of LACC’s advisory boards
• Serving as an adjunct faculty member
• Serving on a student thesis or other exit option committee
• Sponsoring research and scholarships
• Offering summer jobs and internships to current MALACS students
• Giving special consideration to job applicants who are MALACS graduates

We would be very grateful if you could complete this survey as soon as possible.


* 1. Contact Information:

* 2. Please indicate which LACC degree program (s) you completed and when.

Undergraduate Certificate in Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Graduate Certificate Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Cuban & Cuban American Studies Undergraduate Certificate
Masters of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (MALACS)
MALACS/Joint Forces Staff College Partnership-Degree (JFSC)
MALACS/Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation Partnership-Degree Program

* 3. I grant the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Center at Florida International University permission to share my contact information with other LACC alumni and current students and to upload the biographical sketch below on its Alumni website.

* 4. Post Graduation Activity: Please submit a short bio of about 250 words to include the following information:
• Education (degrees, institution, date of graduation)
• Significant employment
• Professional organizations (membership, offices held)
• Books and articles published
• Conference presentations, lectures
• Significant civic activities
• Honors and awards