* 1. Compared with other classes at USF, how difficult do you find this course?

* 2. Compared with other classes at USF, how hard do you work in this class?

* 3. What is the average number of hours per week that you spent on this course *outside of class time*?

* 4. In the past few weeks since spring break, has the time you've been spending on this course decreased, remained the same or increased? Why?

* 5. Are you mastering the material in this course? Could you master the material in this class if you spent adequate time on it? How much time per week *outside of class* would this be?

* 6. Have your lab grades gone down in the past few weeks? If so, why?

* 7. Was your grade on the following lower than expected, about as expected, or higher than expected:
Midterm1, project 1, lab assignments, quizzes, overall grade in the course?

* 8. At your current level of work, do you expect your grade to go down, remain about the same or go up? What if you put in more time?

* 9. Which aspects of the class do you find valuable:
lecture, solving a problem with a partner during the lecture, lab time, code camp?

* 10. What is your advice to make this a better class?