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Please provide your contact information. Each broadcast will have its own unique streaming link, so we will need to send out a new one for each broadcast. The are certain plug ins that are required, (media player, or quicktime, and the Codian plugin.)

* 1. Please provide you FIRST name.

* 2. Please provide your LAST name.

* 3. Please provide the name of your school.

* 4. The name of the CITY where your school is located.

* 5. The name of the STATE where your school is located.

* 6. Day Time Telephone Number

* 7. Mobile Telephone Number

* 8. What is your email address?

* 9. Do you have Videoconferencing Equipment like Polycom or Tandberg?

* 10. If "Yes" to the above question, please provide your IP address or your CALREN Number for your Video Conference unit. (eg