Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the World Sleep Society (WSS), we request your help providing general information about your clinical experience as it relates to Narcolepsy in your geographic area. The purpose of the survey is to identify patterns of clinical care and management of patients with Narcolepsy around the globe. Your personal information will not be disclosed to anyone besides the Narcolepsy task force of the WSS. The data from all survey participants will be recorded in aggregate as part of the task force report on Global Narcolepsy: Diagnostic and Treatment Trends.
The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
We thank you in advance for your participation,
World Sleep Society Narcolepsy Task Force
Yves Dauvilliers, MD, PhD
Fang Han, MD
Clete Kushida MD, PhD, FAASM
Geert Mayer, MD, PhD
Sona Nevšímalová, MD, DSc
Leon Rosenthal, MD
Michael J. Thorpy, MB, ChB