* 1. Our office/unit has benefited from the Ombuds Offices and its services.

* 2. The Ombuds honors confidentiality.

* 3. Our office/unit refers people to the Ombuds Office.

* 4. When our office/unit is contacted by the Ombuds Office, the interactions are respectful and professional.

* 5. The Ombuds Office is an integral component in assisting faculty, staff, and students in the management and/or resolution of conflict.

* 6. The amount of litigation, grievances, and/or formal processes are reduced, in part, because of the Ombuds Office's function within the University.

* 7. Rather than advocating for individuals, the Ombuds Office advocates for due process and access.

* 8. Our office/unit is aware of the services, including training opportunities, that the Ombuds Office offers.